Maybe I have to write immediately and constantly

To tell something in your mind, is not a simple thing.. I feel it exactly. That’s why i decided to write constantly in this blog. In spite of to share my ideas, it also can be a practice for me how to communicate in a good way.

I think i have to learn english immediately. Graduated from my campus made me less studied. Oh, no,, i don’t want to lost my intelligence.. So, i have to learn more and more. Well,, after graduated as a bachelor in information tecnology , my lecturer asks me to be a lecturer as her. Thinking and thinking,, Yup,, i will try it. Actually i got some sympathethical issue that has faced by my campus. Other campuses don’t ever see at us. Like we are not seen. I Hate it very much. so, i think, if i could be a lecturer, i can teach my students not only to study in academically scope in the campus but also in international competition, as i have done before, when i was a college student.

What  a messy word in this post. hahaii…but i wont give up.. Keep try..and keep learn..bye..


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