Miss her so

I was start this day with a mellow mood…

No, i’m not in a sadness..

I just remember at my mom..I love her so much, i do need her along my life..

Although i realize that someday i have to be a wise and adult women, like her, but for now, i can’t lie, that i need her very much.. She always sit in front of me, to hear all my story, even if that is just about my life and my carrier. I know she always has an ability to say no, and then leave me alone, but he didn’t. She cares about me. She loves me.

Mom, i miss u so much. We always need more and more quality time to passed together. Please mom, teach me how to be a god mom like u do now. Love n miss u so much…

Your lil daughter..


One thought on “Miss her so

  1. someday u can become a good mother like her, and be a mommy is always there for her children, & be a mommy so strong and tough, rather like him, and even very similar.

    Your mother must always pray the best for u..

    insya alloh…

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