The more u give to others, the more u’ll get it back

Like the title, of course the topic of this post is bout ‘giving’.. Actually i just want to share what i just felt, and it still happened until the time i write this post…

A month ago, i had got a message from my high-school friend. When we were a student, we were one of closest friend ever, even our friends always asked us whenever me an her not spent time together. Then, he came to my boarding house (i live with my sister), she told me that she had to came to the job interview in Jakarta. Gladly i welcome her to my boarding house. At that time, i was worked at my campus, near from my boarding house, and my earn is just enough for myself. From that fact, i am thinking… Can i help her?? But God is always the most equitable.. Since she came, Alhamdulillah i always get enough earn to fulfill my needs, even also her needs..Beside, she always makes me laugh, makes me have a friend to share everything i felt in my days…So i think, I can sacrifice all i have for her, because i know, the happiness couldn’t be bought just by the money

Walk from that miracle, i realized, God will always give u what u need, not what u want. Because He loves u… And He won’t u to be an arrogant one who can get all of u wanted and then u forgot Him.. The other lesson that i can take is, God gives u more, why dont u give the others more too? Isn’t what u got is not just for yourself, there is always others right on what u have.

Thanks God, for this precious lessons..


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