Why android?

Hi all,,if u are in young age now, and you are interested with the evolution of technology, or u are a gadget geek, or if you need technology to helps you manage your life, then you should read this.
Please notice that i am not an android seller, nor somebody who take advantages from each android products sold. I’m just a blogger who want to share something new, at least for me, to u all the readers.
Okay, let’s begin. Nowadays, almost everyone needs technology to help them manage their lifes. Everyone is not only live 1 life, but more than 1. Beside real life, ones living their virtual lifes, the lifes that take place inside their pc’s,their smartphones,their ipad,etc. That was what i called virtual lifes.
They need helps, to manage those lifes, because so many people now, speak more in their virtual lifes than in the real one. Eventhough everyone can bring their laptops while they were mobile, but in many condition they need a more simpler device which takes a shorter loading time. It was a smartphones.
We all guys have our own prerogative to choose and decide whether we need a smartphone or not. And if we do need it, the brand and type of it also lied on our hands. Latest popular platform of smartphones was blackberry,android,and iphone. But in this post, i will write only why do i choose android as my managing device’s platform.
First, android is opensource. We are able to customize it the way we like. We are free to modify or create our own application, same as the other users. So we can share apps, not only the binary, but also the sourcecodes. The apps varies from office, media, social, email , etc.
Second. Looks from its appearance, it maybe seems much like iphone. It has touchscreen as main input device. The animation is always looks so exclusive, and also runs lightweightly.
Third. The dimension is, eventhough in a big size device like galaxy tab, much more dispendable than the products or platforms which has big dimension because of their keypads. The point here is android were not letting their devices big with separated function. In android, big screen means big touchpad, means it would be worth to read ebooks, email, browsing the internet, play video or other multimedia contents,etc.
Last. Android has it’s own market, where the users can download or update application for their devices, freely.
Thats all android’s majority that made me choose it for my platform. The main reason which is i can explore and create my own apps, made it suitable for a programmer like me. And the last words, it will still your right to choose it or not, of course it would depend on your needs.


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