Attending webometrics workshop

Around 3 weeks ago, i got an information that i was chosen to attend webometrics workshop in Bandung Technology Institute as a representative of my campus, at March 29th-31th 2011. I was happy. Day to day passed, i tried to prepare all things i need. Because of that, i knew more about bureaucracy applied to the workers in my campus…

Now is March 29th 2011. I woke up earlier than usual, then prepared my stuffs, and went at 5am. By taxi I went to the travel pool in Pondok Indah. Then i arrived at around 8.30am at ITB. Just right after i was finished the registration procedures, the workshop began. The material today divided into 3 section which separated by a break time every each section. First section was overview about webometrics, the second was about web design, and the third about content management.

After those three section, i went to the hotel to take a rest. Now i’m at the hotel… I plan to go somewhere at this night after maghrib…And tomorrow i must attend the workshop because it will be held for three days.

see ya…


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