ITService Management (IT Infrastructure Library)

Unclear requirements and commitments between clients and consultants nowadays becoming a common problem in the development of IT software or infrastructure. Some approach have been launched in order to solve those problems.

ITIL was one of the proposed solutions offered to fix organizational problems encountered in IT management system. ITIL is one of the certification included in ITSM. ITIL divide IT management into 5 parts, that is service strategy, Service Design, service transition, service operation, and continual system improvement. The management focused on service, where every 5 years an organization must arrange a project prototype, includes every project planned to be done at that 5 years, even it’s a long term services or scheduled services like student admissions. From that prototype, the deliverable of next phase is service design package. Every part of the services must commit on a KPI includes how long they must handle the orders.

One important thing in implementing ITIL that the organization have to use only one call center, no more direct calls to the developers or DBAs or administrators. Every service has to passed by a service desk only. Service desk then will redirect the accident to the help desk to be solved. In terms the helpdesk has failed to solve the accident in the defined time (for KPI), the accident will be redirected to technical staffs such as developers, DB administrators etc. At this phase, the accidents changed onto problems. And it must be solved by the problem management.

If there’s a bug in an applications, or there are the changes needed in order to solve the problems, the problems will then redirected to change management. At this phase, no change will be performed until it got an agreement from CAB (Change Advisory Board). CAB is a forum contains stakeholder, budget management, technical staffs, and others parties which will affected by the changes has to made. This forum will discuss about risks, costs,schedule etc. Once everyone in this forums agreed, the changes are performed. In addition, when the changes has successfully tested, it should not disturb the existing running application when deployed.

The changes and problems which is impossible to be done at this period, will be brought to be done at next 5 year period. If these processes running well,  a clear IT service management can be easily reached, which means continual service improvement is not a myth anymore for every organizations.

~I’m sorry for my English


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